Confectionery Funnel & Stand

  • Code-No. F13106
  • Packing Qty: 8pcs/ctn
  • Carton Size: 46x46x46cm
  • Net.weight: 1kgs
  • Gross.weight: 1kgs
- + MOQ=100pcs

Decorate pastries, drizzle toppings, and control portions with this item. confectionery dispenser funnel. This high quality, long lasting funnel is perfect for hotels, restaurants, and bakeries looking for precision as well as piece of mind that their funnel will last for years to come.

This stainless steel funnel dispenses batters, syrups, and dressings with an even-flowing pour at the press of a finger. This funnel has an automatic open and close stopper offering a lower fail rate than cheaper models. This delivers a controlled and mess-free drizzle. Simply fill the funnel, press down on the lever conveniently located within reach of the handle, and the funnel begins to dispense the liquid. You can stop and hold the funnel, drizzling over each pastry individually, or keep moving and cascade the flow over a few as you go. When you're finished, simply lift your finger and the pour will stop.

The funnel comes with three different nozzle sizes to provide versatility in your drizzles. Use the smallest nozzle for fine drizzles, like ones with chocolate, or for precise decorating. The largest nozzle works best for thicker creams or batters. The medium nozzle is perfect for everything in between. The top of the funnel even has a place to store these additional nozzles so they're always handy and don't get misplaced. Whether you're coating a flaky pastry with a fine raspberry drizzle or carefully portioning out cupcake batter, this dispenser funnel is a great tool to have in your kitchen.


Capacity 1.5L
Material SUS304
Diameter 190mm
Height 220mm